Tired of last minute dinner plans? Just imagine having a weekly menu planned for you, complete with a shopping list, tailored to how much time you have to prep/cook, how many times you want to cook, and what ingredients you want to cook with?

No more last minute trips to the grocery store because you forgot an ingredient and no more drive by take-out runs because you are too overwhelmed at the thought of “what’s for dinner?”


It’s the dream Plan-It Dinner makes come true, with weekly dinner menus, easy-to-make recipes, grocery lists and meal planning tools designed to help busy people get healthy, delicious dinners on the table each night.


Jill O’Leary, a London Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef, created a weekly online meal planning and recipe service that gives people convenient, affordable and stress-free dinner options.

I began planning weekly menus for my own family over 28 years ago, so I have experienced firsthand the importance of organized shopping, meal planning and preparation.

As a professional chef, I have extensive knowledge in creating recipes that are simple to execute and totally delicious. I put a massive amount of time into each and every recipe in my menu service, and I want subscribers to actually look forward to cooking…and eating!

Plan-It Dinner provides weekly menus that can be customized, and with each change, the organized grocery list updates automatically. Using the customize feature, cooking for one or for many becomes more organized and cost effective. Let Plan-It Dinner take care of the planning so you can enjoy a healthy, delicious dinner with your family each night of the week!

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