How to Grill Peaches

Posted On June 28, 2017

Fruits, veggies, meat, fish...we're throwing just about everything on the grill these days! And now, with peach season in full swing, discover how easy it is, with a little heat from your grill, to transform one of our favorite fruits into something really spectacular! All you have to do is halve and pit the peaches, brush both sides with butter and place on the grill cut side-down, over medium-low heat. Cover and cook until charred and softened, about 5 minutes per side, depending on the size of...

Whew! I'm Stuffed!

Posted On May 31, 2017

This Friday's new menu will have, as one of the entrees, a stuffed chicken breast. In the recipe, I give detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to make the little pocket for the stuffing, but I'm also including photos that show the process  It helps to lay your left hand (or the hand without the knife) flat on top of the chicken breast before you cut, as this holds it in place and you can 'feel' the knife as it slices through the breast.    ...

Video on How to Customize Your Menu

Posted On May 03, 2017

For new subscribers, and as a refresher for everyone else, here is the video that explains how to use the custom menu feature.  For future reference, you can find the video near the bottom of the Home Page. You can also click on "All Recipes" under "Weekly Menus" and search for a specific ingredient, such as flank steak (then hit "enter").  All recipes with flank steak will appear!  You can use this link to search for a recipe as well, with just one or two words....

Making the Cut!

Posted On February 07, 2017

I've lost count on how many people have asked me how to easily chop an onion.  It's very simple, and the same method may be applied to different fruits and vegetables. First, vertically halve the onion.  Peel the outer skin.  Holding the onion cut side down with your left fingertips (assuming you are right-handed), make a horizontal cut just below the top surface, but not through the root end - just to it.   Continue making several horizontal cuts until you almost reach the bottom....

Fresh Ginger - How to Select, Store and Use

Posted On January 24, 2017

You may have noticed by now that I use a lot of fresh ginger in my recipes.  It matches well with so many foods, and is a mainstay of Asian and Indian cooking.  It can be grated, minced or slivered.  Ginger has tan skin, ivory to pale green flesh, and a peppery, slightly sweet flavor.   How to Select: When selecting ginger, look for smooth skin (wrinkles indicate that the ginger is old and dry) with sort of a fresh spicy aroma.  You will usually see it in...

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