A Video on How to Customize Your Plan-It Dinner Menu

Posted On September 12, 2017

For new subscribers, and as a refresher for everyone else, here is the URL for the video that explains how to use the custom menu feature.  For future reference, you can find the video near the bottom of the Plan-It Dinner Home Page. As a portion of the video shows, click on "All Recipes" under "Weekly Menus" and search for a specific ingredient, such as flank steak (then hit "enter").  All recipes with flank steak will appear!  You can use this link to search for a...

Make It a Meatless Labor Day!!

Posted On September 04, 2017

As much as I love a juicy hamburger with BEEF, sometimes a BEAN BURGER just hits the spot! And this is one of my all-time favorites!! As a perfect "go-with," the pasta salad can be a "clean out the refrigerator" version - just use what veggies you have on hand. I had some leftover pieces of cheese I needed to use, so in the salad they went! So much of this meal can be made ahead...even the bean burgers. These new recipes are on the home page...

Dinner on the Fly!

Posted On August 29, 2017

We all have those days - when there just aren't enough hours to get everything accomplished AND get dinner on the table! We need something that's quick fix, and yet, really delicious!  I have the answer!! Check out these Chicken and Cheese Open-Face Quesadillas!! With just a few pantry ingredients, you can have dinner on the table in 20 minutes...from start to finish!  And who doesn't love Mexican food!  A simple salad or fruit on the side, and you're good to go. https://planitdinner.net/2420-chicken-and-cheese-open-face-quesadillas      

A Genius Method to Control Oil Drips!

Posted On August 15, 2017

We have all been there...bottles of olive oil or vegetable oil have dripped on our pantry shelves or countertops. And usually, that dripping makes an awful stain on our shelves. I leave my olive oil on the countertop, as I use it at least several times a day, and this is easier for me. But, each time I pick up the bottle, I notice that unsightly green circle where the bottle has been sitting, regardless of how careful I've been when pouring the oil. Well, check out this...

Tomatoes: Which Side Up?

Posted On August 02, 2017

One of my favorite things about summer:  the gorgeous vine-ripened tomatoes you see in the markets!  So flavorful and juicy...easy to slice, begging for a little sea salt, maybe some torn basil and/or fresh mozzarella, or sliced and served 'as is.'   If you are like me, when I see them on display, I want (and buy) A LOT!  Sadly, because they are vine-ripened, they don't last as long, but I have an easy solution to get a few more days of storage. Place the...

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