Date It!

Posted On May 23, 2017

Do you sometimes look in your refrigerator and see jars or containers you have opened, and you have no idea how long they've been there?  Should you keep...toss?  I have a simple solution to that dilemma!  When you first open the jar/container, take a Sharpie and write the date.  That way, you can calculate how long it's been sitting there.  Sometimes things smell okay, but they have been open too long.  Sour cream is good's sour to begin with!  Yes, a little mold usually...

Video on How to Customize Your Menu

Posted On May 03, 2017

For new subscribers, and as a refresher for everyone else, here is the video that explains how to use the custom menu feature.  For future reference, you can find the video near the bottom of the Home Page. You can also click on "All Recipes" under "Weekly Menus" and search for a specific ingredient, such as flank steak (then hit "enter").  All recipes with flank steak will appear!  You can use this link to search for a recipe as well, with just one or two words....

A "Fight" You Can Now Win!

Posted On April 26, 2017

We've all been there...trying to get parchment paper to lay flat on a sheet pan!  Impossible!  That contrary sheet of paper always wants to roll back to its original form.      Yes, you could add a tiny dab of butter or shortening to the corners of the sheet pan, but then you have to wash the pan, which is okay if you have the extra time.  But I'm all over saving time in the kitchen, and my method works even better!  Take the sheet of...

This Will Rock Your Cooking World!

Posted On April 20, 2017

So many recipes, including the ones from Plan-It Dinner, have chicken or beef stock as an ingredient, and many times you have leftovers.  The carton version from the supermarket can be opened and labeled with the open date, but usually must be consumed within 7-10 days.  Homemade stock in the freezer is great, and the flavor is superior, but we usually don't have that amount of free the bones/vegetables, straining, removing the fat, and then portioning for the freezer.  A half-day project, at the...

A Simple Solution for Removing Burnt-On Food

Posted On March 22, 2017

We've all been there...burnt-on food! Years ago I would soak and soak...and soak, then scrub, scrub...and scrub!     But no more soaking and deep scrubbing!! Just put a bit of water in that nasty pan, set on a burner and bring to a boil.       Take a flat spatula and while water is boiling, loosen the stuck-on food. Notice how it releases so easily! And then...     Voila! Still a small bit of "gunk," but this is easy to scrub clean...

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