Broiler Adjustments

Posted On March 07, 2017

You probably have noticed that some of our recipes include a broiling step.  In most cases, we say to heat the broiler to high.  That's because some broilers have an adjustable setting and can be set on high, medium, or low.  If your oven has only one setting, it's safe to say it's high.  But what if a recipe says to heat the broiler to medium and you can't do that?  Simple answer:  move the oven rack down a little so that the food isn't...

Plan-It Dinner is Revamping Menus and Daily Recipes to Include Nutritional Information

Posted On February 28, 2017

Contact:  Jill O'Leary 805-895-0714   Plan-It Dinner chef Jill O'Leary adds nutrition information, gluten-free options to online meal planning, recipe subscription packages     Fort Worth, TX  Feb. 22, 2017 - Executive chef Jill O'Leary, founder of Plan-It Dinner, a weekly online meal planning and recipe service that gives busy people convenient, affordable, and stress-free dinner options, is revamping menus and daily recipes to include nutritional information. Any menu can be customized, including deleting or substituting an archived recipe and altering serving sizes. She...

Lobster Macaroni and Cheese

Posted On February 12, 2017

Have you been thinking about a special dinner for Valentine's Day?  Sometimes restaurants can be so crowded (not to mention, overpriced for that evening)...and staying home is becoming the new norm, especially when you have a dish this luxurious and scrumptious to serve the family and/or that special someone...or yourself!!  It looks so elegant, but is quite easy to put together.  And this basic macaroni and cheese recipe is my favorite...a real keeper!! Happy Valentine's Day!!

Making the Cut!

Posted On February 07, 2017

I've lost count on how many people have asked me how to easily chop an onion.  It's very simple, and the same method may be applied to different fruits and vegetables. First, vertically halve the onion.  Peel the outer skin.  Holding the onion cut side down with your left fingertips (assuming you are right-handed), make a horizontal cut just below the top surface, but not through the root end - just to it.   Continue making several horizontal cuts until you almost reach the bottom....

Fresh Ginger - How to Select, Store and Use

Posted On January 24, 2017

You may have noticed by now that I use a lot of fresh ginger in my recipes.  It matches well with so many foods, and is a mainstay of Asian and Indian cooking.  It can be grated, minced or slivered.  Ginger has tan skin, ivory to pale green flesh, and a peppery, slightly sweet flavor.   How to Select: When selecting ginger, look for smooth skin (wrinkles indicate that the ginger is old and dry) with sort of a fresh spicy aroma.  You will usually see it in...

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