Leftover Tomato Paste?

Posted On August 30, 2016

We see it all the time...a recipe calls for a tablespoon or two of tomato paste, and we must open a new can.  What are the odds we will use the remainder of that can in the next few days?  I would say, very slim.  So, I have the perfect solution: Freeze the remainder!  But no, we're not adding a big glob to a zippered bag or freezer container.  We are going to make it accessible so that the next time a recipe calls for one...

Hatch-Heads! The Time is NOW!!

Posted On August 21, 2016

Yes, Hatch chili season, although very short, is in full ‘bloom,’ and if you’re like me, I can’t seem to get enough of this little gem.  Those six weeks they are available, during August and September, just seem to fly by.  But I’m sharing a big secret:  there IS a way to enjoy them year-round! A little background:  Hatch chilies are grown exclusively in the  Hatch Valley of New Mexico., an area stretching north and south along the Rio Grande from Arrey, New Mexico,...

Cherry Pitting Is Not the Pits!

Posted On July 27, 2016

Cherry season is in full swing….you see them everywhere, and they are so gorgeous….all red and glistening!  But do you cringe when you think about pitting those puppies??  Cherry juice everywhere….even on the walls!  Yep, I’ve been there too!!  But I’m here to tell you…..I have found a better way (you can thank me later!). All that is needed (besides the cherries) are two bowls (one large and one small one) and water.  Place the cherries in the large bowl and cover with water….at least...

How-To Video

Posted On July 27, 2016

I am so excited to share with you my new video, explaining how to use the new custom menu feature.  Should you have any questions about any of the new features, please let me know.  Enjoy!!  

Why You Need To Think In The Kitchen

Posted On July 25, 2016

What is the simplest dish you can think of?  How about buttered toast?  I have never seen a perfect recipe for buttered toast, and the reason is simple: there are so many variables involved.  The temperature of the butter, the type of bread, how thick it’s cut, and how hot your toaster gets.  So the most important first step in the kitchen is simply to think, even if all you’re making is buttered toast. Before you begin…..stand still…..think. When you’re cooking, imagine what is about...

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