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FEBRUARY 28, 2017

Plan-It Dinner chef Jill O’Leary adds nutrition information, gluten-free options to online meal planning, recipe subscription packages

Fort Worth, TX Feb. 22, 2017— Executive chef Jill O’Leary, founder of Plan-It Dinner, a weekly online meal planning and recipe service that gives busy people convenient, affordable, and stress-free dinner options, is revamping menus and daily recipes to include nutritional information. Any menu can be customized, including deleting or substituting an archived recipe and altering serving sizes. She is also adding gluten free options for new recipes. Nutritional information and gluten substitutions are planned for archived recipes later this spring.

“Singles and families want fast, cost-effective, and healthful meals that they can prepare at home with clear nutritional data and diet-friendly options like gluten free,” said Ms. O’Leary. “In response, we have expanded our service.”

There are currently more than 400 recipes on Plan-It Dinner’s subscription service website, with new ones added weekly. All are described as simple, fast, affordable and delicious. And when a recipe is included in a menu, a matching grocery list is automatically generated.

Using the customize feature, cooking for one or many becomes more organized and cost effective. And each time the custom menu is altered, the shopping list instructions are adjusted accordingly. Subscribers seem delighted.

“We love Plan-It Dinner! The recipes are delicious and dinners easy to put together after a long day,” subscriber Emily Thune comments. “The ‘customize’ feature makes it simple to pick and choose if we need to substitute anything. I also love the grocery lists!”

Ms. O’Leary has experienced first-hand the importance of organized shopping and meal planning and preparation. She discovered her passion for cooking in the 1980s, but it wasn’t until 1998 that she enrolled in a prestigious culinary school in London, Le Cordon Bleu. After graduating with distinction, she opened her own personal chef business in 1999.

Through those experiences, Ms. O’Leary learned that healthy meal planning can be easy and affordable. To share her meal planning expertise with others, she founded Plan-It Dinner in 2016. Ms. O’Leary continues as a personal chef, too, having worked in California for many years, including cooking for many Hollywood celebrities, and now in Texas.

Today subscribers pay less than $7.00 each month to receive a week’s menu delivered on Friday, allowing plenty of time for weekend grocery shopping. Plan-It Dinner recipes arrive with an organized shopping list, photographs of each meal, step-by-step instructions, chef’s tips, and links for support. There is also a blog in which Ms. O’Leary shares Quick Tips, How-To’s and additional recipes.

All new subscribers receive an initial two-week free trial. Plan-It Dinner recipe and meal planning service subscriptions begin at $6.96 per month (plus tax for Texas residents) and have options for three months at $19.81, six months at $37.59, and 12 months at $70.58.

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