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Each week you will receive 5 complete menus, a weekend recipe, and a matching detailed grocery list. Each new and delicious menu is developed with easy-to-follow recipes using coordinating ingredients to minimize waste.

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Personalize your menu with your family’s preferences and schedule to create a custom menu and coordinating grocery list. The new custom menu can be saved and used later.

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Walking in the store with a detailed shopping list (printed or on your phone) will save time and be very cost effective.

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Each menu day, whether it is the custom menu created by you or a weekly menu created by our chef, allows you to pick a precise number of servings, which will be taken into account when creating the grocery list, thus making it super-efficient!

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Having an organized weeknight always feels good, especially when dinner is so delicious!

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I just had to let you know how much Plan-It Dinner has changed my life. Not only am I becoming a much better cook, but now my family has healthy and delicious meals. Even my picky-eater children are loving the meals! Thank you!


I signed on with your site a few months ago, and as a single woman going to graduate school, these meals have been a life-saver. Even though my life is very busy, when it comes to cooking and grocery shopping, I feel so organized now, and it’s greatly reduced my stress level.


Since joining your site, I am amazed at how much money we are saving at the grocery store. And, with a baby and two older children, we are very careful with our budget. Plus, the meals are so delicious. We make each week’s meal planning a family affair so my husband and older children pick what they want for the week. We love it!

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